Contract Review Process

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) must approve the legal terms of any contract entered into by the University, either through an actual review of the contract or by policy.  Please read below to determine what level of review, if any, your contract requires.

Common contracts FIU regularly enters into include: affiliation agreements, contractual services agreements, research agreements, collaboration agreements with other universities and educational entities, software license agreements, material transfer agreements, lease agreements, hotel/conference room rental agreements, exchange agreements, independent contractor agreements, and consulting agreements. Please see Contract Forms for templates of University contracts.

Contract documents should be legible and must be read by the individual who submits them to ensure that their content comports with the agreed upon business terms.  Submitting editable electronic versions of the documents, as well as copies of prior contracts with the same vendor, will serve to expedite the review and negotiation process and should be submitted whenever possible. Some contracts, such as international exchange agreements, must also be reviewed and approved by other offices such as Academic Planning & Accountability in addition to the college or school participating in the exchange.

Once the University attorney has reviewed and approved the contract, and all other university approvals have been provided, it should then be sent to the other party for signature.  Once the other party signs the agreement, the agreement should be signed by FIU.  However, only individuals designated by the President in writing via a Delegation of Signature Authority are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University.  Any contract signed by an FIU employee without the requisite signature delegation shall not be considered an FIU contract and may open the FIU employee to liability.

Procurement Contracts

In regards to Procurement Contracts  they should be submitted in Total Contract Manager (TCM) for processing by the trained Contract Manager for that unit/department.  If you would like to gain access to TCM, please complete the TCM Access Request Form and register for an upcoming TCM training session via the FIU Professional Development site under Office of the Controller.  You must complete TCM training before you can gain access to TCM.

Supplementary resources for processing Procurement Contracts include the TCM User Handbook, a checklist for drafting procurement contracts, and the procurement contracts training presentation, all of which be found on the procurement website along with other resources. If you have any questions regarding access or a TCM system question, please contact the Financial Systems and Support Services (FSSS) Help Desk at or call 305-348-7200. If you have any procurement contract questions please contact

Academic Contracts

Please send all Academic Contracts to for review and approval.