FIU Establishment and Legal Authority

The full legal name under which Florida International University performs its functions as a university is “The Florida International University Board of Trustees.”  The Florida International University Board of Trustees is a public body corporate and is constituted as a public instrumentality of the State of Florida pursuant to Florida Constitution, Article IX, Section 7(d); Florida Statute 1001.72.  Florida International University is an arm of the State of Florida and therefore does not have articles of incorporation or other similar types of documents.  In all suits against a board of trustees, service of process shall be made on the chair of the board of trustees or, in the absence of the chair, on the corporate secretary or designee Carlos B. Castillo, General Counsel.

The Constitution of the State of Florida established the public education system of Florida which provides for the State University System, comprised of all public universities, and a Board of Governors as the governing body that oversees all of the public universities. Florida International University is a state university existing under the constitution and the laws of Florida.  It was founded in 1965 and its existence is currently codified in Section 1000.21, Florida Statutes.