Public Records

At any time, an individual has the right to inspect and/or copy public records and FIU is committed to comply with the Florida Public Records Law. Please refer to Chapter 119 in the Florida Statutes for additional information on fees that may be applicable to public records requests. If you have a public records request, please contact the FIU Custodian of Public Records at:


Mailing Address:   Florida International University
Attn: Office of the General Counsel
c/o Custodian of Public Records
Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 Southwest 8th Street, PC 511
Miami, FL 33199

Phone:      (305) 348-2103

Fax:            (305) 348-3272


What is the Public Records Law?


What records are subject to disclosure under Florida’s Public Records Law?
Are letters/memoranda marked or stamped “Confidential” subject to disclosure?
Are e-mail messages public records?
What are “transitory messages”?
What are some examples of “transitory messages”?
How much of an FIU employee’s work is a public record?
Is there an exception for “working drafts?”
What are some common confidential records that are exempt from disclosure?


What is the requestor entitled to?
Does the requestor need to state a reason to inspect the public records?
How long does the University have to respond to a public records request?
What is not required when responding to a public records request?
May the University charge its costs for responding to a public records request?
May the University impose any requirements for disclosure of public records?
What should I consider first when I receive a public records request on behalf of the University?
What do I do when I receive a public records request?
How long do I have to retain public records?
Are there any protocols that must be followed for destroying public records?
Are there any penalties for violating the Public Records Law?
Suggested language to be included in emails produced by University employees
Non-Responsive Requestors