Practice Areas

General Counsel

Carlos B. Castillo
General Counsel
Athletics Compliance

BOT Office

CFO & University Administration

Compliance & Integrity

Governmental Relations

Internal Audit

Oversight of Major Litigation

President’s Office

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests

Compliance Support on related issues

People Practice Team

Liz Marston
Senior University Counsel
Academic Affairs
- Employment-law support for academic HR matters (including promotion & tenure)
- Member of International Travel Team for faculty & staff
- Related trainings (e.g., Tools of the Trade, Faculty Orientation, Chairs Workshop)
- Support for UFF matters (e.g., collective bargaining, ULPs, NIRD complaints)
- Faculty/staff immigration matters as needed
- Academic intellectual property issues, with Ralph as needed

- AD & Coaches' contracts
- Employment-related matters

Human Resources
- Employment-related matters
- Collective bargaining support
- EOPD/Title IX support
- HR projects (e.g., updating various policies & procedures)
- Member of FAST team
- Recruiting
- Training as requested

Office of Research & Economic Development
- Support to the Research Misconduct Committee

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests
- DocuSign
- Employment litigation
- Minors on Campus
- Other negligence litigation

Compliance Support on related issues
Iris Elijah
Associate General Counsel
Academic Affairs
- Enrollment Services
- FERPA expert
- Member of International Travel Team for students
- Student grievance issues
- Student immigration issues
- Supports the Office of Student Access & Success
- Any other student-related issues including those arising from the allied health care departments (e.g., COM, CON, etc.)

- Member of NCAA Title IX Committee
- Student Matters

HR projects & assignments to be determined

Office of Financial Aid
- Student Financials

Office of the President (Javi)
- University Police (including collective bargaining support)

Student Affairs
Campus Life
- Greek Life
Children's Creative Learning Center
Housing (with Wendy)
Office of the Dean of Students
- Advise Dean of Students as necessary
- Member of Behavioral Intervention Team
- Student Radio (with Ralph)
Student Conduct
- Admission Clearance team member
- Advise SCCR as needed
- Member of Student Conduct

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests
- Bridge-related PRR (with Vilma)

Compliance Support on related issues

Transactional Practice Team

Ralph Prohias
Deputy General Counsel
Academic Affairs
- Faculty/Global Affairs/International Program Committee
- Major foreign academic transactions

- Athletic contracts (except employment-related)
- Back-up member of the NCAA taskforce
- FIU Athletics Finance Corp.
- Games contracts, etc.
- Gift agreements
- Sponsorship agreements

External Relations
- Branding/logo guidelines
- Sponsorship contracts
- Trademark Administration

FIU Foundation, Inc.
- Vilma to be back-up

Intellectual Property
- Everything such as use of logos except patents, tech transfers

Wolfsonian Museum
Frost Museum
Jewish Museum
- Curator taskforce
- Loan agreements

Office of the Controller
- Tax issue support including taxes relating to gifts, estates & trusts within expertise
- UBIT tax issues, debt issuances

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests
- Gambling/raffles
- Student Radio station (with Iris)

Compliance Support on related issues
Wendy Vargas
Senior University Counsel
- Facilities-related contracts

Emergency Management
- Contracts, etc.

Facilities Management
- Campus Development Agreements
- Construction Agreements
- Utilities

Office of the Controller
- Real Estate Taxation Issues

Risk Management & EH&S
- Contracts, etc.

Student Affairs
- Housing

- Leases
- P3s
- Premises Use Agreements
- Use of Space
- Real Estate Support

Compliance Support on related issues
Vilma Mesa
Associate General Counsel
Auxiliary & Enterprise Development
- Working with Christina Jardim and/or Ralph, as necessary

CFO & University Administration
- Business Services
- Purchasing department

Division of IT
- Contracts, etc.

Foundation Contracts (with Ralph)
- Purchasing contracts
- Sponsorship agreements

- Back-up to Ralph

Office of the President
- Parking & Transportation

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests
- Bridge-related PRR (with Iris)
- Other associated public records requests
- TCM Project lead

Compliance Support on related issues

Healthcare Practice Team

Val Aubourg
Sr. University Counsel/Chief Legal Officer
Health Affairs
- General legal support for all health-care colleges/department & FIU-HCN
- HMCOM Dean's Office support (except student issues which Iris handles & HR issues which Liz handles)
- HIPAA support
- FIU Academic Health Center Self-Insurance Program
- Contracts that require health care expertise

Center for Children and Families

HWCOM Physician Assistant Program

Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Robert Stempel College of Public Health
- Affiliation Agreements

College of Arts & Sciences

FIU Health Care Network, Inc.

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests
- Subpoenas

Compliance Support on related issues

Research Practice Team

Diana Firvida-Oliva
Assistant General Counsel
Office of Research & Economic Development
- FIU Research Foundation
- Provides legal advice to the IRB & IACUC committees
- Provides legal advice in general to ORED
- Supports ORED technology transfer/intellectual property matters
- Provides legal advice regarding conflict of interest in research matters

Associated Litigation

Other Assignments
- Associated public records requests


Liz MarstonFIU-113 Smoke, Vape-Free and Tobacco-Free Campus
FIU-116 Educational Sites
FIU-1111 Employee Debt Collection
Ralph ProhiasFIU-1107 Investment of Agency & Activity Funds
FIU-1502 Direct Support Organizations (with Diana & Val)
Val AubourgFIU-1502 Direct Support Organizations (with Ralph & Diana)
Wendy VargasFIU-110 Expressive Activities in Outdoor Areas on Campus
FIU-111 Camping
FIU-112 Use of University Facilities
FIU-114 Commercial Solicitation and Advertising (with Vilma)
Iris ElijahFIU-105 Sexual Harassment (Title IX) and Sexual Misconduct
FIU-106 Nondiscrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (Title VII)
FIU-108 Access to Student Education Records
FIU-115 Skateboarding, Skates, Scooters, Ripsticks, and Other
FIU-402 Admission to the University
FIU-406 Foreign Student Admissions
FIU-408 Foreign Exchange Visitor Insurance Requirements
FIU-410 Application Fee & Admissions Deposit
FIU-1101 Tuition and Fees Schedule
FIU-1103 Textbook Affordability
FIU-1109 Student Debt Collection (with Vilma as back-up)
FIU-1113 Waiver of Tuition & Fees
FIU-1114 Tuition and Fee Refunds
FIU-1305 Students in Military Service
FIU-1310 Student Financial Aid
FIU-2501 Student Conduct and Honor Code
FIU-2502 Children's Creative Learning Center at FIU
FIU-2503 Registration of Non-Student Organizations
FIU-2504 Student Religious Observances, Practices, and Beliefs
FIU-2505 Alcoholic Beverages
FIU-2506 Academic Program Termination and Temporary Suspension of New Enrollments
Vilma MesaFIU-114 Commercial Solicitation and Advertising (with Wendy)
FIU-1105 University Traffic & Parking Regulations
FIU-1115 Los/Abandoned Property
FIU-2201 Purchasing
FIU-2202 Prompt Payment
FIU-2203 Authority to Debar or Suspend Vendors
Diana Firvida-OlivaFIU-1502 Direct Support Organizations (with Ralph & Val)

Office Staff

Eli Deville
Departmental Administrator
- Budget Manager
- HR Liaison
- FIU Regulations
- Signature Delegations
- Records Retention
Mary Lopez
Special Assistant to General Counsel
- Special Projects
Lizvette Torres
Paralegal III
- Bankruptcies
- Garnishments
- Public records requests
- Subpoenas (including medical student subpoenas)
- Litigation paralegal
- Provides financial support
Charmaine Cavé
Paralegal III
- Contract paralegal including SOBE contracts
Ronny Gadea
Office Manager
- Contract Support, Administration & Management
- Medical Records Request/Subpoenas
- Provides financial support